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one-to-one, interactive, online instruction to help your child fall in love with reading

It’s easy to get your child the help they need.

Schedule an assessment.

We take the time to understand your child’s unique strengths and struggles.

Get a customized plan.

Your child will have a blast learning in a joyful, nurturing, online environment.

Have a confident reader!

We can’t wait to help your child fall in love with reading! 

We’ve helped more than 3,000 kids become better readers.

“The insights I gained about why my daughter wasn’t developing her reading skills were eye opening. I just wish I didn’t wait so long.”

“My daughter can do her homework independently. We owe it to the We Teach Reading learning programs and techniques. She will benefit from this for the rest of her life.”

“Besides improving my daughter’s grades, her ability and interest in reading has also improved beyond measure. You have opened up a whole new world for my daughter!

It’s heartbreaking to watch your child struggle.

At some point, most kids have a tough time with a particular school subject. When that happens, they typically receive some topic-based tutoring, and things improve quickly. But when a child has trouble reading, it’s not always that simple.

When kids struggle with reading, spelling, comprehension, or writing, it’s often because of an underdeveloped cognitive process, which is a fancy way of saying their brain works differently from their peers’.

We know that sounds a bit alarming, but it’s actually totally correctable with a personalized combination of:

  • research-backed teaching methods
  • highly interactive learning activities
  • multi-sensory instruction
  • and loads of fun!

Learning to read doesn’t have to be so difficult. Schedule an evaluation, let us put together a step-by-step learning plan, and watch your child blossom into a confident and enthusiastic reader and learner.

Kids who have trouble reading:

Fall behind in school

Feel self-conscious

Argue about reading

Avoid homework

Kids who are confident readers:

Excel in school

Feel proud

Read for fun

Love learning

Our promises to kids and their parents:


We continually monitor progress. We make sure our plan is working and make adjustments along the way.


We equip parents. You get the tools you need to support your child’s progress at home.


We do two assessments. We include a wrap-up evaluation so you can see your child’s transformation.


We give one-to-one attention. Your child matters to us, and we focus fully on them as we work together.


We keep parents informed. You receive regular updates so you can celebrate your child’s progress.


We provide customized instruction. Your child deserves a personalized plan.


We make learning fun. Your child will love meeting with us online!


We collaborate with your team. We love working with our students’ schools, teachers, and other professionals.


We won’t lock you into a contract. You can end services at any time without penalty. We have a no-strings-attached policy. 

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