Outstanding Rachel

by | January 5, 2017

In the course of a K-12 education, three months usually doesn’t amount to much. Three months is hardly a blip for most students. But for a child struggling with reading, three months can create such a tidal wave of change that it sends out ripples for a lifetime.

One of Langsford’s past clients, Rachel Stivers-Bender, was recently honored by Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson as the 2009 Outstanding Student of the Year for duPont Manual High School.

We’ve heard from Rachel’s family on this blog before. Click here to listen to a message we received from mom.

Believe it or not, at one point in her elementary career, Rachel’s family was told not to expect Rachel to go to college. After all, some kids just aren’t cut out for it. She was also discouraged from taking foreign languages.

Then her mom found Langsford.

We know the three months of work Rachel did with Langsford removed the biggest obstacle standing in her way, which was a lack of phonemic awareness, a vital component in learning to read. But past that, it was Rachel’s continued hard work, backed by the support of her mom, that makes her so Outstanding.

Even so, Mom continues to credit our Director, Stephen. She says Stephen’s willingness to be available for continued support and advice through the years has been invaluable.

Now Rachel’s been accepted to at least 5 colleges and has received some amazing scholarship offers. She plans to major in International Studies.

When Rachel was notified that she could invite two people to attend the awards banquet, she knew immediately who she wanted to be there with her in addition to her mom: Stephen.

Stephen accepted with pleasure and reports that it was a wonderful event showcasing the achievements of 47 local students.

Since attending the banquet, Stephen says he can’t help but wonder what the future holds for the students attending Langsford this summer. After all, three months can sometimes make all the difference in the world.



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