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Solving a child’s reading challenges starts with “why.”

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Children who have trouble with reading, spelling, comprehension, or writing typically have an underlying learning difficulty that’s not yet been identified. To determine how to best help your child, we first have to understand why they’re struggling. We offer best practices in the field of Scientifically-Based Reading Research and the National Reading Panel. These practices guide our assessment process.

Our assessments are:



We conduct assessments with one child at a time so they have our examiner’s full attention.



Most children feel nervous when their assessment begins. Our friendly team quickly puts them at ease so they enjoy the process.



We gather both data and anecdotal information about how your child responds to the tasks. That way, we can understand how hard your child has to work to learn, process information, and solve problems.



As we interact with and observe your child, we’ll notice strengths that may not show up in traditional “test results.” This is critical information we can leverage to accelerate your child’s progress.



The assessment instruments we use are standardized, which means they provide objective data that’s easy to measure and track. Our tests are also nationally-normed, so we can see how well your child performs when compared to their grade-level peers.



Our team considers your child’s test scores, examiner observations, and your input to identify their unique learning profile and to map out a customized action plan.

Feel confident about your child’s next step.

We learn about your child.

Through measurements designed specifically for your child, we come to understand their unique strengths and challenges.

We map out a plan.

Within two weeks, we’ll explain our findings, share our recommendations, and answer all your questions.

Your child succeeds.

As we work your child’s personalized plan, you’ll watch them blossom into a confident and enthusiastic reader and learner.

Assessment Services

Comprehensive Reading Evaluation

Our Comprehensive Reading Evaluation assesses the core cognitive processes related to reading, spelling, comprehension, and writing. 

Over three hours (with breaks), we’ll measure: 

● Phonemic/Phonological Awareness
● Phonics
● Phonological Memory
● Rapid Automatic Naming (related to fluency)
● Word Analysis (ability to sound out unfamiliar words)
● Word Identification (sight words)
● Spelling
● Contextual Reading Accuracy, Rate and Fluency
● Oral Reading Comprehension
● Silent Reading Comprehension
● Listening Comprehension
● Receptive Vocabulary
● Expressive Vocabulary
● Short-Term Memory
● Written Expression
● Visual-Motor Processing

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