How to Choose the Perfect Book For Your Child

by | April 6, 2018

“This book is too easy…this book is too hard…this book is just right!”

Ok, so that might not be what Goldilocks said in the story, but it is what you will be saying after taking our advice on how to choose the perfect book for your child to read independently.

What Are They Interested In?

First and foremost, you want to find out what the child is interested in. Ask them what kind of books they like, or allow them to pick one out.

The Five Finger Rule

The Five Finger Rule is an easy rule you can use to determine if the book is going to be the right level for your child. It’s simple—have the child read the second page of the book that they choose. Tell them to count off on their fingers any words that they don’t understand or miss. If they get to five fingers, it’s not a good fit for them. If it doesn’t seem too difficult, they can continue to use the rule on the next two pages.

Read Out Loud—Is It Fluent?

If your child’s reading is choppy or slow, the book may be too hard.

Ultimately, a good book for independent reading should be interesting and easily understood. The child should know most of the words used and be able to read it aloud smoothly. Happy exploring 🙂

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