Reading Fluency Workshop

He’s taken off in reading and enjoys it so much more now.

My son is confident in his reading now! That brings tears to my eyes.

Our instruction is hands-on, interactive and fun! 

We use a variety of strategies depending on our students needs. All, of course, are endorsed by the Scientifically Based Reading Research (SBRR).  These include:

    1. Monitored oral reading with guidance and feedback
    2. Readers theater
    3. Chunked reading
    4. Fluency drills
    5. Expression reading
    6. Timed repeated reading

Workshop Details:

Small group online instruction
$299 per month
Two days per week for an hour
It’s easy to enroll! Just call us at (502) 473-7000 and we will get you set up!

Let us help your child flourish in reading!

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