Holiday Thank You Notes– Easy as 1-2-3!

by | December 27, 2017

Some traditions or acts of etiquette should never go out of style. Alas, in this day of instant gratification, email, and texting, thank you letters seems to have fallen out of vogue.

But who doesn’t like to see a handwritten thank you note show up in the mail?

Encourage your kids to write thank you notes to Aunt Jane for that adorable sweater and Uncle Pete for those drums. During the holiday break, after the festivities have passed and when the kids are becoming restless, bring out the markers or crayons, some pretty paper and envelopes, and have your kids make you proud. They may even have fun doing it!


Start note with:

Dear __________, (Insert name of gift-giver)

Come up with three clever sentences:

Sentence 1: Thank you sooooo much for the ___________. (Insert name of gift)

Sentence 2: It is ________________________. (insert your initial impression of gift: beautiful, adorable, just what I wanted/needed)

Sentence 3: I will (or it will) ______________________. (insert why you like it or how it will be useful: I will think of you every time I wear it/ it will keep me warm this winter)

End note with a nice closing:

love, sincerely, yours truly,

Sign name!

It’s as simple as that. Some pretty artwork to finish it off makes the task fun and lands the note in Aunt Jane’s drawer of keepsakes. 🙂


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