How to Ease the Back-to-School Transition With Routines

by | August 3, 2020

Back to school time can be tough. After months of a more relaxed routine (or lack of a routine at all) we’re all expected to get back into a more structured routine. Without preparation, jumping into a new routine can be stressful for all involved.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can start easing into your school-year routine NOW so that by the time school starts, everyone knows the drill. A good routine reduces conflict and builds independence (so you won’t have to tell your child to brush their teeth 10 times in the morning.)

Here are three important areas to consider while setting a back to school routine:

1. Sleep is Important

Set a bedtime and start sticking to it now. This can be a difficult adjustment, so if you get it out of the way now your sleep schedule will be solid by the time the first day of school comes around.

2. Schedule Time to Get Moving!

Not only is exercise important for physical and mental health, but it also helps learning! Dedicate a little time every day to move a bit.

3. Monitor Screen Time

Be intentional about how much time your child is in front of a screen. With many schools returning to non-traditional instruction, your child may be exposed to screens more than ideal— give their eyes a break and engage them with games and activities that do not require a screen.

**Blue light from screens interrupts sleep. Avoid them at night before bed time.**

Not sure what an ideal school year routine looks like? Check out our simple sample routines below. Routine doesn’t need to be complex—just enough that everyone knows what they’re expected to do and when. No surprises, chaos, or stress!

Sample Morning Routine

7:00 am Out of bed!
7:05 am Get ready (bathroom, wash face, comb hair, get dressed)
7:20 am Breakfast
7:45 am Brush teeth
7:55 am Put on shoes
8:00 am Off to school! (or start school work)

Sample Homework Routine

3:00 pm Snack time, play outside, unwind from school
3:30 pm Collect all necessary utensils and sit down at homework spot
3:35 pm-4:30 pm Homework
4:30 pm Review work

Sample Bedtime Routine

8:00 pm Bathtime
8:20 pm Use the bathroom, get into pj’s, and brush teeth
8:30 pm Read
8:55 pm Say goodnight and go to sleep

Looking for more tips to boost your child’s confidence this school year?  Keep scrolling for our free download, 9 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child’s Reading Confidence.

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9 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child’s Reading Confidence

BONUS: How to tell if they’re struggling to read and what to do about it.

9 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child's Reading Confidence

BONUS: How to tell if they're struggling to read and what to do about it. 

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