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We help kids read with expression.

Reading is one thing; understanding what we read and hear is quite another. The distinction is critical, because true learning is dependent on comprehension; it’s how we make inferences, predictions, evaluations, and conclusions.

Even kids who are fluent—they read quickly, accurately, and with expression—may not have a handle on the main idea of the text. In that case, they’re able to memorize information to pass a quiz, but they aren’t able to interpret the information. As those kids advance through school and encounter more complex text and abstract concepts, their grades begin to suffer and their interest in school may decline.

We know you want to help your child become an enthusiastic, lifelong learner—and with help from our expert instructors, they can be!

Making mental movies helps kids understand language.

When kids are young, picture books help them understand the story; the illustrations represent the words they see and hear. But as kids become independent readers, their books have fewer and fewer illustrations. If they don’t create their own images in their mind, they’ll only grasp bits and pieces from the text, not the big ideas.

That’s why we focus on conceptualizing language—going beyond the ink on the page to what the words mean when put them together. More specifically, we develop kids’ ability to dual-code, which means linking words and pictures in their mind. When students are able to make accurate mental “movies,” the text comes to life, and comprehension dramatically improves.

“In my time here, I learned a lot about comprehension and how to make pictures in my head as I read. This will help me in the future and I am glad that I did it. In school I have been doing better in Language Arts and on tests in all my classes!”

It’s easy to get your child the help they need.

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We take the time to understand your child’s unique strengths and struggles.

Get a customized plan.

Your child will have a blast learning in a joyful, nurturing, online environment.

Have a confident reader!

We can’t wait to help your child fall in love with reading! 

Our promises to students and their parents:


We continually monitor progress. We make sure our plan is working and make adjustments along the way.


We equip parents. You get the tools you need to support your child’s progress at home.


We do two assessments. We include a wrap-up evaluation so you can see your child’s transformation.


We give one-to-one attention. Your child matters to us, and we focus fully on them as we work together.


We keep parents informed. You receive regular updates so you can celebrate your child’s progress.


We provide customized instruction. Your child deserves a personalized plan.


We make learning fun. Your child will love meeting with us online!


We collaborate with your team. We love working with our students’ schools, teachers, and other professionals.


We won’t lock you into a contract. You can end services at any time without penalty. We have a no-strings-attached policy. 

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