Reading Fluency

by | October 27, 2017

Reading Fluency is one the five essential components of effective reading instruction.

The National Reading Panel evaluated over 100,000 research studies and determined that there are 5 critical components for reading instruction. There is no longer a debate in education about what a child needs to become a successful reader!

The 5 components are:

    • Phonemic awareness
    • Phonics
    • Fluency
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension

Let’s take an in-depth look into Fluency – specifically Oral Reading Fluency.  At a recent Langsford event, we presented this information to educators from numerous Louisville schools.

Oral Reading Fluency

      • is the ability to read accurately, smoothly and with expression
      • sounds natural — much like speaking
      • leads to comprehension and motivation to read
      • has 3 key elements to assess and develop
        • Accuracy
        • Rate
        • Prosody (appropriate expression, phrasing, smoothness, and pace)

To assess Oral Reading Fluency, you need to determine accuracy and rate.  The researchers who have set the gold standard for measuring these 2 factors are Jan Hasbrouck and Gerald Tindal.

The Hasbrouck and Tindal Norms, as we call them, offer accuracy and rate guidelines for 1st through 8th graders.  This, partnered with a scale to rate prosody based on the Multidimensional Fluency Scale by Tim Rasinski, will give you a good measure of a student’s fluency in only a few minutes.

Here are links for:


Here’s to reading with fluency and joy!



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