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We know that struggles with reading and spelling can erode students’ confidence. We know how much that affects parents, too. It can be crushing. With Langsford, there’s relief. Parents stress less, students excel more.

Our customized programs can help families tackle a wide variety of reading challenges in a variety of ways. While every situation is different, the results are the same: Students improve their reading levels by an average of 2½ grade levels in 14 weeks. To get there, you can expect:

●      A free consultation, where we actively listen to understand what’s getting in the way of the student’s reading success.
●      A comprehensive reading evaluation that uses 20 different assessment measures.
●      A custom-tailored reading improvement plan.
●      Targeted instruction, with the right team of people to fit your child’s specific needs.
●      Real-time progress tracked with a thorough dashboard.
●      Meetings with your child’s learning specialist after every 20 hours of instruction.

If your child seems to be struggling with reading or spelling, they’re not alone! We’ve worked with thousands of students who need a bit of a boost, and we can help yours, too.

Learning to read is complicated.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Reading means converting printed words into spoken language. That may sound simple enough (for those of us who can already do it), but our brains actually aren’t naturally wired that way. The purpose of reading instruction is to develop that wiring—to create and connect all the pieces of the reading “circuit” in the brain.

For students to become confident readers and strong spellers, the pieces need to come together in a particular order:

Phonemic Awareness

At first, reading is about sounds.

Spoken words are made up of phonemes, individual sounds. Phonemic awareness is the ability to identify, blend, and segment those sounds.


Next, we attach sounds to letters.

Linking letters with the sounds they make allows students to decode (sound out) unfamiliar words. That helps them connect their spoken vocabulary to the same words in print.

Symbol Imagery

Finally, we see words in our minds.

As students see letters and words in their mind, they get faster at picking up on sequences of letters—which is a skill required to recognize sight words.

When all three of these areas are working well together, students can use context and their current vocabulary to improve fluency, which is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and expression. All of this leads to the ultimate goal of reading: comprehension.

“Before, I couldn’t read very good. Now I LOVE to read. I can read chapter books. I feel like I’m not left out anymore. Now I am doing good in school. I can keep up with my work.”

It’s easy to get your child the help they need.

Schedule an assessment.

We start by gaining an understanding of your child’s unique strengths and challenges.

Get a customized plan.

Once we understand their struggles, we provide your child with a team of experts and the tools specific to them.

See reading results quickly.

Your child will have a blast learning in a joyful, nurturing, online environment. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and dramatically their reading improves.

Our promises to students and their parents:


We continually monitor progress. We make sure our plan is working and make adjustments along the way.


We equip parents. You get the tools you need to support your child’s progress at home.


We do two assessments. We include a wrap-up evaluation so you can see your child’s transformation.


We give one-to-one attention. Your child matters to us, and we focus fully on them as we work together.


We keep parents informed. You receive regular updates so you can celebrate your child’s progress.


We provide customized instruction. Your child deserves a personalized plan.


We make learning fun. Your child will love meeting with us online!


We collaborate with your team. We love working with our students’ schools, teachers, and other professionals.


We won’t lock you into a contract. You can end services at any time without penalty. We have a no-strings-attached policy. 

Get a customized plan to transform your child’s reading.

Don’t wait another minute to get your child the help they need.

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