The Most Common Letter Reversals and How to Fix Them

by | September 11, 2020

A very common issue that children have when reading is the reversal of letters. The most common reversals are the letters “b” and “d.” Some parents are confused about what that means.

Parents sometimes think that letter reversals are a sign that their child has dyslexia.  However, we know now that that is actually a misunderstanding. Kids don’t see letters backwards and if they do reverse them, that does not mean that they have dyslexia. It is fairly typical for kids to reverse letters through 2ndgrade. So, if you have a young child and they are still making letter reversals, it’s just their brain trying to make sense of these arbitrary lines and symbols that represent letters.

With the “b” and the “d,” the most common error, your child can use something they always have with them to help them—their fingers. Watch the video clip below to learn a simple trick that will help your child remember which letter is which.

We hope this helps you as you guide your child on the path to becoming a confident reader! For more tips of building a confident reader, keep scrolling and grab our free guide.

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