Top Summer Reading Programs for Kids

by | June 10, 2024

Summer is the time for children to unwind, but it’s also crucial to keep their minds active to prevent the “summer slide.” One of the best ways to do this is through summer reading programs. These programs encourage kids to read, offering incentives and activities that make reading fun and engaging. Here’s a list of some of the top summer reading programs for kids that can help maintain and enhance their reading skills over the break.

1. Your Local Public Library

Most public libraries offer free summer reading programs with a variety of activities, reading challenges, and rewards. These programs often include storytimes, book clubs, and special events. Check with your local library for specific details and sign-up information.

For more details about the program at Louisville Free Public Library, click here.

2. Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is a free online reading program where kids can log their reading minutes, earn virtual rewards, and access book recommendations. The program aims to encourage kids to read and track their progress over the summer, making reading a fun and interactive activity.

More info here.

3. Pizza Hut Camp Book It!

Parents, you may remember this one from your own childhood!

Pizza Hut’s Camp BOOK IT! program is a summer extension of their well-known BOOK IT! reading program. Parents can sign up for free to receive a digital dashboard to track their child’s reading, access to book recommendations, and printable activities. Children who meet their reading goals can earn a free personal pan pizza.

More info here.

4. Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

Barnes & Noble offers a summer reading program where kids can earn a free book by reading and completing a reading journal. Children in grades 1 through 6 need to read eight books and record their thoughts in a journal provided by Barnes & Noble. Once completed, they can choose a free book from a pre-selected list.

More info here.

5. Half Price Books Summer Reading Camp

Half Price Books offers a Summer Reading Camp, where kids aged 14 and under can earn $5 in Bookworm Bucks for reading 300 minutes in a month. Participants need to fill out a reading log and turn it in to a Half Price Books store to receive their reward.

More info here.

Summer reading programs are an excellent way to keep children engaged, entertained, and learning during the break. From library programs to retail incentives, there’s a summer reading program for every child. Encourage your kids to participate in one or more of these programs to help them develop a lifelong love of reading while preventing the summer slide. Happy reading!


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