6 Tips to Ease the Summer/School-Year Transition

by | August 2, 2018

As summer comes to a close, parents, children, and teachers are preparing for the new school year. Often times, this transition can be tough. If you’re not confident and prepared for the first day of school, it can induce anxiety and make the first days very difficult.

To help keep the new school year as stress-free as possible, here are six tips to help ease the transition period.

1. Start The Morning Routine Early

To prepare for the early morning ahead, start heading to bed and waking up at the school-year time a week or 2 ahead so that it becomes a habit.

2. Tour the School

If possible, tour the school and find their classroom ahead of time so that they know exactly where they need to be on the first day.

3. Designate a Study Area

If you don’t already have a designated area for studying, take the time to create one before school starts. Make sure this area is distraction-free and keep supplies easily accessible and organized.

4. Keep Some of the Fun Going

Plan something fun for the first week of school so that it is clear the fun is not over.

5. Keep Their Schedule Clear

Allow plenty of time for your child to relax after school as they adjust.

6. Don’t Quit Things Cold Turkey

If you plan on reducing screen time or junk food during the school year, do so gradually.

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