Langsford Lecture Series: ADHD from a Pediatrician’s Perspective

by | February 6, 2020

It can be difficult to sort out the facts about ADHD, so we invited an expert in the field to speak to education professionals at Langsford.

Steve Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., shared the latest evidence-based information about ADHD.  It is not just being hyper or having a short attention span. Dr. Johnson explained what causes ADHD and many other facts that aren’t as well known.  He described how pediatricians and psychologists diagnose and treat ADHD.  Dr. Johnson noted that the rate for children with ADHD is 5 to 8% percent globally – it is not just in the US.  It is more well known in the US because we are world leaders in published research on mental health disorders in children.  In addition, 30-50%  of children with ADHD will develop a reading disorder.  The consequences of undiagnosed ADHD can be significant so it is important to be proactive in seeking treatment.  

Dr. Johnson is Kentucky’s only dually licensed pediatrician and child psychologist.  He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Kentucky chapter of the AAP, and the Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA).  

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