8 Signs Your Child is Struggling to Read

by | April 11, 2024

Is your child struggling to read? Here are some signs your child may be struggling.

As you observe and listen to your child reading, keep these questions in mind:

  • Do they often skip, add, or omit small words?
  • Do they often select simple books with very little text?
  • Do they choose the same book over and over?
  • Do they guess at words based on the first letter?
  • Do they have trouble remembering the names of letters or the sounds they make?
  • Do they seem to memorize words instead of sound them out?
  • Do they skip words in a sentence without stopping to self-correct?
  • Do they often sound out the same word every time they encounter it?

If you’re noticing any of these signs on a regular basis, your child may have an underlying learning challenge.

But don’t worry! Here’s what to do:


Don’t wait for your child to “outgrow” the problem.

The possibility that your child may have a learning challenge can feel overwhelming, and it’s natural to hope it’ll get better over time. Unfortunately, the longer it takes for children struggling to read to get help, the further behind they tend to fall. We know from research 75% of kids whose help is delayed to age 9 or later continue to struggle through their time in school. Early identification and intervention is the key to your child’s academic success.

Don’t assume your child has a visual issue.

Reading challenges arise when the parts of the brain involved in reading are “wired” differently—which happens in nearly 20% of the population. For this group, reading development is hard fought until they’re taught by experts who understand their specific needs. Certainly, a basic vision exam is a good idea, but reading problems cannot be corrected by vision exercises or special glasses.

Ask for help.

Watching your child struggle is heartbreaking, but learning to read doesn’t have to be so difficult! At Langsford, we’ve helped thousands of kids overcome reading difficulties with a personalized combination of:

  • research-backed teaching methods
  • highly interactive learning activities
  • multi-sensory instruction
  • and loads of fun!

So, schedule an assessment, let us put together a step-by-step learning plan, and watch your child blossom into a confident and enthusiastic reader and learner.


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BONUS: How to tell if they’re struggling to read and what to do about it.

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BONUS: How to tell if they're struggling to read and what to do about it. 

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