12 Reasons to Visit Your Local Library

by | April 12, 2018

Did you know April is National Library Month? This month is a great time to give your local library a visit. Here are some of the reasons you should.

1) Free books! You have a tremendous amount of knowledge at your fingertips, and it’s all free!

2) Fun for kids! Most libraries have special story hours and programs geared towards them.

3) Want your kids to read often and love it? Regular library visits encourage that. Check out our blog post on how to help them pick the perfect books for independent reading.

4) Library cards! Not only is it super exciting for a child to have a card of their very own, but it teaches them responsibility. They learn to take care of the books and return them on time or they will have to pay.

5) Libraries make excellent work or study spaces! Free computers, free WiFi, plus they are clean and distraction free.

6) Borrow music and movies before you make the decision to buy.

7) Free classes and lectures. Learning never ends!

8) Relax and read a magazine or the newspaper—no need to buy and throw away!

9) Book sales. If you don’t mind a well-used book, you can snag some great deals!

10) Due dates keep you motivated to finish the book you are reading quickly.

11) Your own personal book chooser, a.k.a. the librarian. Librarians can lead you to amazing books that you would never have thought of or help you with research.

12) Speaking of research, libraries have access to scholarly articles and research. With so much false information flooding the internet, it is important to find the best information you can.

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