What To Do if Your Child’s Reading Doesn’t Make Sense

by | August 12, 2020

Many times, when children are developing their reading skills and they encounter a word they’ve never seen before, it is very common for them to guess what the word is and keep reading. They’re guessing by either the picture on the page, or the context of the sentence that they’re reading, or what they think the story is talking about. They might say “mom” instead of “mother”, or they might say something very similar that has letters that look the same.

Other times, they’ll say something that just doesn’t make sense. If that is the case, this is a great time to ask them about it at the end of the sentence. Say, “Did what you just read make sense?” They will stop and say “No.” It is the perfect opportunity to make sure they are thinking about what they are reading and not just getting through the task. Reading is a way to learn things, as well as something to enjoy.  So your child should be constantly thinking about whether it makes sense and whether they are making a picture in their mind about what the story is talking about.

If your child is making the kind of errors that don’t make sense, say, “Let’s go back and reread it and make sure that it does make sense.” This will increase their enjoyment of reading and will ensure that they will be able to understand it and remember it better.

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